We asked select suppliers and manufacturer industry experts: What benefits are customers looking for with your organic products, andA8308_1 what are some of the new technologies/ organic products being used in the industry for the last few years?

Joel Simmons, President/EarthWorks

Clients are looking for experience and for products that work; they want to know those products have been proven in the industry. EarthWorks has been selling complex carbon-based fertility products since 1988. We lead the way in not only quality dry organic fertilizers, but we also produce one of the most complete lines of liquid organic products in the turf market. Organics are about how a soil works, so we have always started with soil testing to assure the soil will allow microbes to proliferate at their best. Sea 3 is our newest liquid product and has quickly become our biggest-selling product. A liquid, Sea 3, is helping both sports turf and golf course superintendents survive the heat of the summer.