The mission of SportsField Management magazine is to advance the athletic field maintenance industry by providing educational content and product information relevant to field care professionals. In other words, it’s our goal to provide you with all the information you need to maintain the safest, most playable and aesthetically pleasing fields possible.

That goal is now moving to the next stratosphere of legitimacy and credibility.

It’s my great pleasure to announce the formation of SportsField Management’s new Editorial Advisory Board. This esteemed, eight-person board will serve SportsField Management in a variety of capacities, including brainstorming new topics for the magazine to cover, reviewing content, participating in quarterly Roundtable Discussions and more.

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited for the formation of this new Editorial Advisory Board. As Editor in Chief, I’m absolutely honored to have these eight people associated with this magazine. This is an acclaimed, experienced and prestigious group of athletic field managers who are all very passionate about what they do for a living. That’s our mission with every issue of our magazine. These values are the bedrock of your industry and what you strive for on your field – or fields – each day, week, month and season.

Our Editorial Advisory Board features field managers that represent different levels in the profession, care for different types of fields and come from across the United States. When selecting the eight members, we felt it was important – essential, actually – that different areas of the industry were represented.

Without further ado, here are the eight members of SportsField Management’s Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Chris Ball – Head Groundskeeper, Gwinnett Braves (Gwinnett, Georgia)
  • Ryan Bjorn – Director of Grounds, Maryland SoccerPlex (Boyds, Maryland)
  • Patrick Coakley, CSFM – Sports Turf Superintendent, Ripken Stadium (Aberdeen, Maryland)
  • Joey Fitzgerald – Superintendent, Camelback Ranch (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Matt Hollan – Head Groundskeeper, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Los Angeles, California)
  • Heather Nabozny – Head Groundskeeper, Detroit Tigers (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Brett Tanner, CSFM – Athletic Grounds Superintendent, University of Akron (Akron, Ohio)
  • Brian Winka, CSFM – Parks Supervisor, Chesterfield, Missouri and President of the Gateway Chapter of the STMA

Later this summer we’ll feature the first Roundtable Discussion with our new Editorial Advisory Board. The topic will be about how field managers strive to achieve the ideal balance between career and family — something most of you likely deal with often.

Also, down the road we may look to expand the board, adding even more voices to the group.

It was with great enthusiasm that these extremely high-quality, respected and renowned field managers responded to my invitation to accept positions on our Editorial Advisory Board. I truly believe their expertise and expansive knowledge of your industry will allow us at SportsField Management magazine to deepen and ultimately expand our commitment to you, educating and informing you both in your day-to-day jobs and in your careers.

Stay with us — and expect more.