All soils consist of sand, silt and clay. The infield mix is the combination of these components plus any conditioners or additives. All three components are necessary to attain a safe and playable field that is easy to maintain. Water management is also critical to providing a safe and playable field, no matter the soil mix. Knowing the makeup or composition of your infield mix will help determine a baseline from which maintenance practices can be developed. A sand, silt, clay analysis can be performed by you in a few simple steps:

1. Fill a straight-sided jar half full of your infield mix.

2. Fill it with water and shake vigorously until the soil is suspended in the water.

3. Set the jar aside and let it stand until the mix has fully settled. This will take from one hour to overnight. The sand will settle out first and will be at the bottom, the silt next, and the clay last as the top layer.

4. Measure each layer and divide it by the depth of the total mix in the jar. This will give you the percentage of each component.

Here’s what to do if your infield mix is too hard.