Proper sports turf management is a precise science — there’s a significant amount of knowledge required to perform at the highest level.

This is where professional certification comes into play.

According to the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA), “becoming a certified sports field manager (CSFM) is meant to challenge your knowledge of managing sports fields and to draw upon all aspects of your background in education and experience to prove that you are one of the best in the industry. Meeting the challenge can contribute to your professional advancement in sports field management.”

So why go through the process of becoming certified? There are many benefits for the sports turf manager, including the following:

  • Becoming certified is an extremely valuable learning experience.
  • It’s an official and widely-respected recognition of achievement and skill.
  • Earning the CSFM designation can mean an increase in your earnings potential.
  • The certification shows your continued commitment to excellence.

“If you are committed to increasing professionalism in the sports turf industry, if you are interested in providing the best sports surfaces for all levels of play, if you are interested in raising the level of sports turf management, then consider becoming a CSFM,” the STMA says. “It may be the best thing you can do for your career.”

A total of 40 combined education and experience points are required to take the certification examination. The examination for certification covers four major areas of sports turf management: agronomics; pest management; administration; and sports specific field management.

Start here for additional information, requirements and instructions on how to begin the certification process.