Infield Groomers


Heying Company’s PR72 Pro Groomer levels, grades, drags, smoothes and breaks up infields. The groomer easily adjusts to be pulled by different machines and is 6 feet wide. Electric or manual lift available.


Bannerman’s Ballpark-4, Ball-park-6 and Diamond Master groomers are designed for working in soil conditioners and amendments.


The Legacy SPORT turf maintenance vehicle has all-wheel drive, 16 hp engine and zero-turning radius and reaches speeds up to 12 mph.


Cambridge drag mats have a rivet-free U-bar, heavy 11-gauge rods and clinched edges. Can be used for aeration and grooming.


Fieldmaster’s infield groomer is available in 4 and 6-foot widths as a three-point hitch machine and can be converted into a pull-behind unit.


The Groom Master II has a three-wheel drive traction system, and is available with an 18 hp, Briggs & Stratton gas engine or 19 hp Kubota diesel.

Kromer Company

The Kromer B200 grooms, applies wet and dry lines, conditions, sprays and will simultaneously cut and paint a line. Available with 32 attachments.

Laser-Grader Mfg.

Laser-Grader model 106-6WD is diesel powered and equipped with a Trimble Grade Control System. Fits through a 5-foot opening.


The Dirt Doctor Jr., designed for use with 4WD utility vehicles, can plow, pulverize, drag and compact infields in one pass.

Par Aide

Field Care drag mats have long, interlocking panels that allow the user to adjust the size. Breaks up aerification cores and grooms infield.

Rahn Industries

The GL 650 infield groomer levels uneven surfaces, fills holes and prevents ridge buildup. Three-point hitch and pull-type models available.

Reist Industries

The Reist Infielder is 72 inches wide and has a bolt-on, serrated grader blade, spring-loaded brushes and a floating leveling bar and pulverizer.


Smithco field conditioners make infields, base paths and warning tacks consistently smooth while providing a thin, cushioned surface.


Toro’s Infield Pro 3040 and 5040 sand management machines have the Quick Attach System, which allows operators to switch between 21 attachments.

TurfTime Equip.

Triple Play infield groomers feature a flip-over ripper section, a three-section leveling system to take off high spots and a broom finish.

Turf Teq

Turf Teq’s Power Rake has a 36-inch wide drum that can be pivoted to the left or right, 13 hp Honda engine and on-the-go differential lock.